Imagine if someone were to discover your childhood journal

Imagine if someone were to discover your childhood journal and read it aloud to an audience.

At the English Club’s Third Annual “Mortified: Share Your Shame” event, this is exactly what happens. Except now, the reader is you.

Any and all embarrassing writing from childhood is welcome at “Mortified,” where participants laugh along with the audience at stories from awkward child- hood or teen years.

The “Mortified” reading, scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 13 from 7-8 p.m. in CH 217, will be a great opportunity to watch fellow classmates hit the stage and spill childhood secrets. The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board in the Holm & Dacey Lounge, BA 218. Students of all majors are welcome to participate and attend.

“The English Club members are excited to host an event where all students can enjoy an evening of laughter while listening to writing that may not be award-winning but will definitely be relatable,” Professor Marianne Zarzana, English Club adviser said.

“Mortified” readings began at SMSU when former creative writing student Mike McGovern learned of similar events across the country and decided to initiate a “Mortified” movement here. McGovern dreamed of creating an event where students could be entertained by stories they could identify with.

The first “Mortified” reading at SMSU was met with a crowd of students from all majors, securing the event’s continued annual presence.

Despite how relatively new the “Mortified” movement is to SMSU, the event is surprisingly widespread, with shows from St. Paul to Stockholm. In 2013, a documentary known as “Mortified Nation” captured a number of “Mortified” shows across the country and is available on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes.

Want to Be Mortified?